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164 thoughts on “Away We Go

  1. I was last week in Berlin and I wanted to visit the ICD. My surprise was when the building was locked (Thursday morning), and it looked a bit abandoned. After I discovered that they moved. Again? Why are they moving so often?

    1. Pierre, 3 lie jokes for you:
      What’s green and has wheels? Grass, I lied about the wheels.
      What has fingernails and legs made of grass? You, I lied about the grass.
      What is it called when a bull lies? Bullying.

  2. You learn nothing. Mindnumbing boring work that everyone, often including the managers do. Of course we’re interns, so this is expected, but it’s also expected that you observe what senior and tenured staff do and gain that experience to eventually take with you into a full-time working career. That is not the case at the ICD unfortunately.

  3. What is the longest word in the English language?

    SMILES: there is a mile between the first and last letters!

    Thank you.

  4. Anonymous Posts, Internet Trolling, Internet Shaming, Let us show you how it is getting done:

    The Bad
    No such thing as a standard working week, erratic long hours often at short or little notice. No compensation for long hours on personal time. Impossible to maintain work / life balance. Career path isn’t very clear, management more concerned about themselves than their interns. Run away, don’t come closer, and tell you friends not to go there – STAY AWAY FROM THE ICD!

    The Good
    The people, culture, and work-life balance really stick out at ICD. Managers/Team Leaders are more helpful than at any other NGO I’ve worked for. The culture is relaxed, but everyone in the institute wants to work hard and achieve success for themselves and for the people around them. The recruiters are upbeat and really give you a good sense of what the institute will be like if you work here, unlike some others.
    GO FOR IT!

    The Ugly
    The Boss Is A Dickhead – I love Berlin but I hate the ICD
    And so on……..

    Do you understand?

  5. The ICD Interns’ Council
    On behalf of all ICD interns
    Real reviews can be found in the ICD website under reviews

    1. The ICD Interns’ Council
      On behalf of all ICD interns
      Real reviews can be found in the ICD website under reviews

      Dear Cyberstalker, – It is very regrettable to read from you again and we wish you had at least the decency and integrity to bring your views in a proper way and come out in full, rather than cyber bulling posting inaccurate anti-Semitic and false defamation anonymously – calling us a fabrication. If you are, as you claim, posting true facts, so why should you hide yourself? Why don’t you do it openly? For example, why doesn’t everyone who posts their views on the blog provide his or her contact details, so that the readers can actually contact them directly and so that facts can be cleared and checked, as should be the case.
      To come and declare that any positive review written about ICD is fabricated, is a serious accusation and of course is simply not true and you are repeatedly misleading the readers. Doesn’t it seem strange to declare that ALL the positive views on an issue are false and only the negative ones are true?
      And as interns involved with this blog we are willing to provide anyone who wishes, the full contact details of each and all of the persons who posted a positive review, in order to facilitate transparency and so people can check whether it was fabricated or not!.
      There are endless examples of happy and very talented interns, who love and loved their involvement at the ICD, had fun and still are having fun and doing great things here! This is also easy to see and prove, as all reader are welcome to view our work and reports ONLINE. To see specific examples of this, just take a moment to see the page of the intern led events.

    2. You “forgot” to mention, other tasks that interns are asked to undertake, such as researching to support the thematic and academic content of the programs and events, learning about the ICD speakers and then getting the chance to meet many of them thereafter in person, write articles and actual publications that are included in different ways in ICD’s various programs as well as to be published in the ICD online archive or the research section of the website. we could go on and on. . . and we WILL because we CARE about the institution we are interning for and it MATTERS to me that lies and defamation are not spread like this on the internet.
      Are the tasks that ICD interns do dramatically different from those tasks required in internships in other organizations? NO! We encourage you to ask your friends and within 2 minutes you will see the same. We know this both based on our own knowledge and experience as well as what we have heard from many many of our friends who are doing internships in other organizations in Europe, the USA and beyond.
      We know as a fact that the ICD has received endless amounts of thank you e-mails and positive feedback from former interns and volunteers expressing their gratitude to ICD and thanking the ICD for what they learned and achieved here, as well as for the experience and the contacts they made while they were here. We know this because one of our responsibilities at ICD was checking the ICD email account where we saw myself many examples of this feedback. Are you saying that our own eyes were lying to us? Were all of these emails and communications faked as well? we really encourage you to check your facts before making these kinds of accusations.

    3. Yes indeed, the daily tasks have to be measured in some sort of way, and are measured based on simple experience of how much time is required to do tasks. In any organization and institute in the world, or any other place you will be working in the future your work and results will be measured and evaluated. What is so strange about that? If you think that it will be too “demanding for you,” or too “soul destroying”, perhaps you will find a place, where you can arrive with no professional experience or experience in the company and they will immediately let your sit you in the boss’ chair and they will be just waiting eagerly for your marvelous materials and results to come out of your hands. To set a simple daily framework and expectations for the results of your work sounds so “horrible” as you describe it.
      As for the other activities, you described, taking place during the events and programs (and not only during the events), again you “forgot” to mention that:
      You are pouring wine not only to the participants and guests, but to you and all of the interns as well, who are free to join all the programs and social activities, and are enjoying the events as well! You forgot to indicate, that all interns are invited to the official receptions, where we are welcome to eat, drink and enjoy the social activities with all other participants and speakers, as well as listen to the lectures taking place during the programs and more.
      You also “forgot” to mention a few other tasks, that the interns are also undertaking during the programs: such as holding interviews with these high-level speakers and the participants from across the world, which are then published as part of the event documentation, writing reports on the lectures and the events taking place during the program which the ICD then publishes, preparing detailed bios and questions for the interview, and many other tasks, where we really learn a tremendous amount and can build our professional CVs in a serious way.

    4. Oh and we are sorry, that you had to pick up from the floor a napkin that a participant dropped, or pick up an empty cup and throw that to the garbage. Though there is professional cleaning staff always hired during the events, the ICD DOES ask the staff and the interns to just simply assist in making sure that everything looks neat and tidy during the event. Really, not the end of the world, is it? You know, there are SOME people in this world who also pick up a piece of trash from the ground when they are walking on the street and see something there.
      Would YOU do this? Would you also bother to try to assist in stopping global warming if you knew it wouldn’t BENEFIT you? You sound quite selfish from your message. The whole spirit of ICD from our first days here has been about GIVING and HELPING society, and it looks like this may have been a problem for you from the first day.
      You seem to have “forgotten” to mention this as well: that the interns are welcome to initiate their own intern-led events while interning at ICD, anytime they want and to develop and plan these events in the ICD house. ICD even provides small sponsorship for food and drinks for these events. Since we know you won’t read this, we would ask all the other readers to please have a look at some examples of these events on the ICD Voice website. It doesn’t look like we are suffering so much, does it???
      To say that the ICD does not perform any real function, as you summarized that, is not only untrue, but also a ridiculous accusation, especially when you have a look on the reviews of all our programs, etc. video footage of our programs, etc. Which function are you referring to exactly when you say we don’t perform a function?
      And to state that the internship program is not legitimate at the ICD is again a false accusation. For your information, and mainly for the other readers of this blog, we would like to point out that the ICD has a considerable number of ongoing contracts and cooperation with many universities who regularly and sustainably keep sending their students for internships at the ICD, BECAUSE they are getting positive feedback from their students.

    5. If the experiences were so bad, then why would these organizations continue? we think ICD’s track record speaks for itself.
      Again, you are coming with false and unsupported claims, and you seem to contradict yourself in many ways all in order to damage the ICD reputation.
      But I guess that it is “easier” just to let your personal frustration from your inability to be able to take out all the good things and advantages you could have taken from your internship at the ICD, and blame your inability the ICD and all the world. YOU are not the problem its EVERYONE else in your life right??
      We wonder what exactly you are doing now after your internship and how happy you are now with your new position, if you have one. It would be interesting to read that, but only when it comes with proof of your real identity, rather than again just your anonymously YELLING through this blog with inconsistent accusations that cannot be checked or followed up on.
      Please come out whoever you are….. Let’s see your real face once and for all. We are ready, are you? Or you just going to keep on taking all your frustrations anonymously?

      The ICD Interns’ Council
      On behalf of all ICD interns
      Real reviews can be found in the ICD website under reviews

      1. Just to be clear, the person under the pseudonym “The ICD Interns’ Council” is not in the ICD interns Council. Notice this person’s passive aggressive writing style and match it with the other usernames who keep demanding to show your personal information. There are reasons why this person keeps spamming this site with nonsense and its because he/she knows how shit the ICD is and how corrupt all the board members are.

  6. How I Met Your Mother, bitchass mother fucker! have a face like a hatful of assholes. GET BRAIN!!!

  7. Hello Fellow past ICD’ers, RimJob Riman, Marky Donfield and whoever else from this poxy money grabbing, half -arsed, ill managed institute will no doubt be reading this.

    Lets say… That I start by congratulating the ICD’s Press, Media and Social Media workers. When I got my confirmation that I had been accepted into the ICD’s Internship I was over the moon. The website looked flawless, they had a vast range of eloquently put branches of the ICD, an example being: The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance for Human Rights and World Peace. This sounds all well and good reading it on the ICD website, and it made me super excited to come and learn many things from those at the ICD.

    Now.. lets get into it.
    The first and largest Issue is the bloke who runs the whole of the ICD backstage. His name is Riman Vilnius. He is a few jam sandwiches short of a picnic to say the least. His knowledge of “Cultural Diplomacy” does not surpass the wikipedia definition that he himself wrote. He is a crude, obnoxious, little devil-man who clearly cares very little about the interns who work for him and cares even less about “cultural Diplomacy”. He wanted us to promote womens rights, and then a week later installed 4 TV screens outside the ICD with bikini-laden women dancing on poles.. This is just the tip of the hypocracy iceberg that is Riman Vilnius. His main conern seems to be on the Red Ballroom, and all the other Hotels that he owns in Berlin.

    The second issue is that, us interns all came to the ICD to learn about how an NGO works from the inside. The work that we were given by Riman did not even come close to this. You are told that you can do whatever you want, but are also required to write two articles per day for the “Berlin Global”. The Berlin Global is a online publication that has posts so sporadically it is considered a joke.

    In response to “The Interns Council”. This is a lie. This is a fabrication by the DevilMan Riman himself. There are NO opportunities to do anything of value at the ICD.

    I’ve seen better management at McDonalds. The Management of the ICD is horrendous. Possibly the worst managed company I have ever witnessed in my life. Riman just walks through the door at 3/4pm, Mark Donfried is rarely there. There is no structure to the days whilst working at the ICD.

    Do not Come here. Do not Believe the Lies.

    1. Cybersltalker, our language is the reflection of ourselves. A language is an exact reflection of the character and growth of its speakers!!

      Now everybody can see your true nature and what the ICD is dealing with. There were a billion lights out there on the horizon but all of them put together weren’t enough to light the darkness in your heart – you Psychopathic Liar.

      Cybersltalker, “who are you really? you are not a name or a height, or a weight or a gender, you are not an age and you are not where you are from – ………..

      you are , where you are going.

      But no worries, prison will make you a better judge of character. You pick up on people much faster.

      And no worries, there are good mental institutions also in US prisons….. where you belong.

      “Getting your IP Address Campaign” has already started. Send us your IP Address, if you have guts.

      In 30 Days from today we will expose you for good – that means …….15 July.

      We are coming.

    2. The ICD Interns’ Council
      On behalf of all ICD interns
      Real reviews can be found in the ICD website under reviews

      We have checked some of the issues that were mentioned in this post (published by “bun the icd”) and would like to respond.
      The tvs were installed in order to enable guests to watch the events from outside the building. The clip that was used, was just a random clip from a normal Ibiza club party which was taken by the videographers who installed the tvs and was used for the installation process.
      The Berlin Global is an important project of the ICD and the interns are inviting to contribute articles to this project. We are all under the assumption that this activity contribute significantly to intern’s knowledge of cultural diplomacy.
      With regards to the personal insults which were made against the ICD management, we have different opinion and would be happy to share this with you at any time.
      And lastly, the ICD Interns’ Council is not a fabrication and you are welcome to contact us at any time in order to get real information.

      The ICD Interns’ Council
      On behalf of all ICD interns
      Real reviews can be found in the ICD website under reviews

      1. Hi ICD try to talk to these people Alexandra Fašalek, Edward Wong, Patricija McDonald, Sara Tierro, and Iker Clausi – they can give you some answers and idea.

        Friends of ICD

  8. The Interns Council is a team of 100 former interns, who joined the Council in order to represent the interests of interns who worked and or are working here at the ICD. The forming of the Interns Council was just one aspect of many changes which the ICD has been making over the past few years in order improve its projects. The Interns Council is designed to be able to address problems or issues which may arise at the earliest possible stage. Our role can range from simply acting as a listening ear to addressing critical problems by liaising with the management or other partners. This can range from helping an intern find a place to live in Berlin or helping individuals to further their career aspirations.

    We do not agree with the latest anonymous posts in this blog nor with the way it is guided and monitored. From reading the posts in this blog, we are under the assumption that it was created with the sole aim to discredit the ICD. It is not an honest and a fair way to address critical issues by anonymously posting lies and fantasies online, which defiantly just creating a destructive effect which simply harms the current interns or former interns who rely on their experience in the ICD in their attempt to further develop their careers.

    Please feel free to contact us directly at any time if you have any questions, concerns or request real clarifications.

    The ICD Interns’ Council
    On behalf of all ICD interns
    Real reviews can be found in the ICD website under reviews

    1. I would like to personally describe the real situation in the ICD.

      I did a short internship during 2015 and used the ICD references in order to obtain another internship in an embassy.

      During my internship I requested the management to support my application. They did and I got accepted.

      During my entire internship, I was supported by the management and I stayed in touch with them, actually up until today.

      Never Have I Ever Seen such great people like the high management of the ICD. People who are working sometimes 20 hours per day to promote cultural dialogue all around the world.

      Lots of them are doing that without getting salaries, helping young people, refuges, and poor people to develop their careers.

      Spreading cultural diplomacy to many countries and promoting dialogue in Berlin.

      Despite all that, they always had the time to speak to me or others when we needed something.

      1. This is just a hate blog the name **away we go** says it all HATE HATE HATE. WHAT THE FUCK. BG/Pee Wee

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